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Adam Tavener

Adam is founder and chairman of Clifton Asset Management Plc, the innovators behind the Pension-led funding brand, providing non-bank finance to SME’s across the UK.

With over £260million of Pension-led funding provided to over 2,000 SMEs, Clifton is one of the largest alternative funding providers in the UK – and recognised as the 2014 Business Moneyfacts Best Alternative Funding Provider.

Adam and Clifton were the catalyst for the creation of the Alternative Business Funding (ABF) collaboration and non-bank funding portal – The portal unites the country’s top funding providers to exchange rejected applicants for credit between themselves. In 2014, ABF successfully lobbied BIS and The Treasury to introduce legislation to force the major banks to pass over the details of rejected SME applicants to the non-bank sector.

In 2017, HM Treasury and the British Business Bank appointed ABF as one of the Government’s designated finance platforms for the Bank Referral Scheme.