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Julie Meyer MBE

The daughter of an entrepreneur, Julie Meyer has built Ariadne Capital since 2000 on the back of a couple of core principles: back men and women of steel who are pursuing the inevitable and re-imagining their industries as ecosystems, and aggregate the right talent and capital to enable their success.

She is someone who wants to build new systems for the inclusion of all, and to help smart people win. She is a huge believer in the human spirit, and believes we are all on the planet to deliver a unique contribution to the world. She is resolutely ‘glass full’ not even ‘half full’.

Julie manages the Ariadne Capital Entrepreneurs Fund with her partners, and has developed the Ecosystem Economics™ Investment Methodology of the firm.

She created EntrepreneurCountry Global because she felt that the world should go where entrepreneurs go every day, and issued a global invitation to become a citizen in September 2013. Her book, Welcome to EntrepreneurCountry, has been published in 2012 in many countries, and she writes regularly for Forbes, BA High Life, LinkedIn and the Financial Times.

Julie is on the Board of Vestergaard Frandsen (another family business), the for-profit humanitarian development firm, several of her portfolio companies (Taggstar, Quill, Bitx), on the Advisory Boards of Economia publication, Group Silverline (another family business), and loves being a permanent resident of the UK in the world’s best city: London. She was honoured in 2011 with an MBE for Services to Entrepreneurship.